Tips for Conserving Water this Summer

Small measures in your home can save hundreds of gallons for the community

• Wash only full loads of laundry and dishes. Running your appliances more often than necessary wastes up to 50 gallons of water a week.
• Check your pipes and faucets for leaks. Even small leaks can waste 20 gallons a day. Reviewing your water meter after a period of inactivity will tell you if hidden leaks exist.
• Insulate your water pipes. Insulated pipes heat water faster, and waste less water in the process.
• Take shorter showers and utilize low-flow shower heads. Inefficient showers can use up to 10 gallons a minute.
• Don’t use your toilet as a trash can. Flushing garbage wastes 5-7 gallons each time.

• Limit the number of times you water your lawn. Most grass requires only 1 inch of water per week.
• Water your lawn in the early morning. Midday watering leads to evaporation; evening watering fosters fungus growth. Avoid watering on windy days.
• Check your sprinkler system for leaks and broken sprinker heads. Assure that water is being sprayed on grass and plants, not driveways, sidewalks, and gutters.
• Plant drought resistent plants. Add organic material to soil and mulch to the surface to reduce evaporation.

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