Metro announces plan to extend public transit in the Valley

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently announced an expansive spending plan for a $120 billion tax that will be on the November ballot. Among the projects to be funded by the initiative is a rail tunnel that would travel through the Sepulveda Pass, and a transit line that would run along Van Nuys Boulevard. The ambitious tunnel project would connect the San Fernando Valley to the Westside, and make a bold effort to alleviate congestion on the 405 freeway for local commuters. Meanwhile, the new Van Nuys line is expected to also be a light rail project and connect Sylmar to Sherman Oaks, and serve as an important segment in a larger plan to connect the north Valley to the South Bay, including LAX. Funding for these and other area projects would be accomplished by extending Measure R, the previous transit tax for an additional 18 years, and adding an additional half-cent tax through Measure R2, which would sunset after 40 years. Metro also plans to add toll Express Lanes to the 405, to help fund the adjacent Sepulveda tunnel.

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