Malibu High Stadium Lights Stay On

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has denied the request by Malibu residents to block the use of the 70-foot-tall stadium lights at Malibu High School. Ruling in a 2012 lawsuit that originally sought to prevent the construction of the lights, Judge Richard L. Fruin Jr. ruled that the Malibu City Council did not abuse its discretion when it approved the construction of the lights without approval of the Planning Commission, because the commission was unable to provide a “disinterested quorum.” The plaintiffs in the case, the Malibu Community Preservation Alliance, contend that the lights disturb the neighborhood’s “natural environment” and should not be used now that construction is completed. Steve Uhring, a member of the alliance, was disappointed by the ruling and indicated that an appeal was likely. The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District issued a statement in support of the ruling, celebrating the opportunity for students to fully use their school facilities.

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