Glendale hopes to build park over the freeway

An ambitious plan to create green space where a busy freeway now runs is being considered by the Glendale City Council. The proposal would “cap” the canyon created by the 134 freeway, allowing for a 24 acre park to be built on top. Although the concept sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, the plan is not without precedent: a similar project, Klyde Warren Park, was completed in Dallas in 2012. City Council has delayed any votes on the Glendale project until officials have had an opportunity to take an exploratory trip to Texas. Dubbed ‘Space 134,’ the proposed Glendale freeway cap is comprised of two phases, named “The Heart” and “The Soul.” If approved, “The Heart” would be built between Brand Boulevard and Central Avenue, beginning in 2020. Soon after, “The Soul” would extend the development an additional half mile, offering more room for community enhancements like a botanical garden and a concert space. If Space 134 goes well, expect to see similar freeway caps in other parts of LA. Other groups have already suggested covering the 10 freeway in Santa Monica, the 101 freeway in Hollywood and Downtown LA, and the 60 freeway in East Los Angeles.

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