Anti-development movement grows in the Valley

In the months since the destruction of a Valley Village home once occupied by a 17 year-old Marilyn Monroe, several local residents have unified to oppose what they consider to be unchecked development and a lack of historic preservation in the San Fernando Valley. This resistance has been most visible in the proposal of an anti-development measure to appear on the November ballot named the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative. The measure would put a 2 year moratorium on development in Los Angeles and force the city to update its General Plan, the city’s 20 year-old zoning system. Another front in battle has been the recent approval of a petition to recall Paul Krekorian, the City Councilman for the 2nd District, which includes Valley Village, North Hollywood and Studio City. Krekorian’s critics contend that he has ignored the wishes of his constituents and voted to approve development projects that are detrimental to the community. In response to the recall campaign, Krekorian has pointed out that he was re-elected by 75% of the vote only a year ago.

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